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Kyoto Natural Stones

Mikawa Nagura 1843g

Mikawa Nagura 1843g

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Mikawa Nagura are formed from lithified volcanic ash. Mined in Aichi prefecture starting 700 years ago, they have been used in traditional Japanese sword polishing progressions. The mine has been closed since the 1970s.

We receive the stones from the wholesaler with rough chisel marks on both sides, and flatten them in our workshop. Although we have made a good effort to provide a flat surface for usage, we strongly recommend end users flatten the sharpening surface once more with a diamond plate.

This particular one has a very white surface with light orange streaks, one of the more aesthetic examples of this type of stone. It is relatively friable and fast cutting.

Dimensions: 222mm x 82mm x 47mm

Weight: 1843g

Price per gram: 1.46HKD

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