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Kyoto Natural Stones

Vitrified Diamond #400 5mm Extra Hard

Vitrified Diamond #400 5mm Extra Hard

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This is a vitrified diamond stone mounted to a 6mm glass plate. The thickness of the abrasive layer is at least 5mm. There is 10% extra binder by weight compared to the usual version with corresponding increase in resistance to wear.

It is recommended for users who are sharpening steels with a high volume of MC carbide. However, it may also be useful for users sharpening low alloys steels due to high cutting speed and low wear

This is a porous stone, and saturating the pores with water is suggested before use. The manufacturer recommends against using oil, however this has not been tested.

The mounting job done by the factory is suboptimal. There will be mild asymmetry.

Dimensions: 200 x 70 x 5mm

Weight: 500g

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